My name is Gabrielle and I am the founder of Silke Skin Care.

Like a lot of us I was on my own skin care journey of endlessly

experimenting with different products.


All I ever wanted was to finally be able to wake up in the morning with

a glowing complexion and not have to worry about applying makeup 

to hide my blemishes, or uneven skin tone.

I just wanted to be able to leave the house make up free and smile when I

looked in the mirror instead of instantly regretting my brave decision to leave the 

house fresh faced.


I tried every skin care product on the market, from the most expensive to 'at home'

 remedies. Some were good, some weren't.

Nothing delivered what I was looking for.

I wanted a clear and hydrated complexion. I wanted my skin to glow.

I wanted every skin care promise and I became obsessed with finding it.


After years of trial and error I finally discovered the combination of

ingredients that completely transformed my skin.  

It was my best kept secret, I then shared it with curious friends and family and then I decided to share it with everyone and since it has become a bathroom cupboard staple in Australian homes and it has helped thousands of women leave the house with confidence 

CEO AND founder